The Influence of Dr. Keil

Celibacy was never the official policy of the Aurora Colony, however, enough evidence exists to assert that Dr. Keil had influence on a member’s choice of marriage partner, and if he disapproved, life could be quite uncomfortable if the member went ahead against his wishes.  Dr. Keil’s own son Emmanuel did not marry until after both of his parents were dead.  Michael Rapps married Mary Schuele after Keil died having “gone together” according to one relative for over thirty years.

Love and Attraction

In a communal society there was no economic incentive to get married so one assumes that the matches would have resulted from love and attraction.  Still, marriages took place on a regular basis and are noted by some observers.

A Double Wedding

Christina Stauffer married William Wolfer in double ceremony at the John Stauffer log house in Hubbard, Oregon on September 3, 1876.  It is interesting to note that a brother and sister married another brother and sister. Clark Will:

At a pre-World War I band rehearsal Marcus Smith, a member of the pioneer Smith family from near White School told me about attending a wedding without permission—it was a bright sunny morning when I ran half a mile across fields to be at a double wedding ceremony at the Stauffer log house—Music from the Aurora Pie and Beer Band waxed through and long tables were filled with food for the celebration.


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