The Bonds of Fellowship

The colonists generally recalled the community with serene pleasure—the association of kindred spirits, the freedom, the ease they enjoyed, the absence of responsibility, the fraternal feeling and the devotion to a common cause. The bonds of fellowship existed throughout their lives.

Jacob Miller: as quoted in the 1934 WPA Writers Program

“Such an enterprise can succeed in but one of two ways; either through a natural-born leader, who is deeply impressed that he is serving God, or else by military power.  As long as Dr. Keil was able to make his people accept him as the former, they obeyed him as if he were their father.  In time the spell he held over the older folk began to weaken and younger generations came on, with different ideals and different purposes.”

Elisabeth Smith Will

“As long as Dr. Keil continued to associate with his flock and to work with them in the fields and elsewhere, all went well, but when he began brooding and staying indoors and sent out his orders—do this and do that—then grievances arose and the people became dissatisfied.  Keil’s influence was good only so long as he mingled among them and established himself as leader.”

Clark Moor Will

”The pastoral background was rich and full of promise—a wonderful seedbed of culture and good living and neighborliness. This has not been overemphasized. They loved to do for each other.  They gave Oregon a big boost at a critical time with their strong body-front of good home-making. A Stolid group of deserving industrious citizens.”

George Wolfer

“All there is to this thing of getting something out of life is to work, laugh and love a bit; take an interest in the things the other fellow is doing and do your share of whatever comes to hand.”

Theoda Tyler: memories of her Grandmother Gertrude Schuele Miller

“What a wonderful thing it was that they were members of the Colony.  They could take their place in the colony and do what they could do and live from the common storehouse. I think they were a cooperative type of people—a need of cooperation for a better life for all.”

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