Summer 2013

selected articles from the Summer 2013 Newsletter

4th Annual “Remembering Emma” Day:

Debut of Emma Walking Tour and Honoring the Willamette Valley Herb Society
by Patrick Harris
Jane Kirkpatrick was greeted by a sold-out crowd for our 4th annual “Remembering Emma” on May 11th. The day, first started four years ago to recognize and celebrate the publication of Jane’s fictional works on Emma Wagner Giesy, featured Jane’s book signing, her talk about Emma, a visit to Emma’s grave and a reception at the Frederick Keil House.
The Willamette Valley Herb Society was honored for their service of taking care of the Emma Wakefield Herb Garden, and being available at museum events to answer questions about the garden.
A special treat this year was the release of the new “Walk With Emma” Tour brochure. I led the huge crowd on the tour as it might have been led through Emma’s eyes as she remembered the village during her time and considered its possible changes over time.
We offer special thanks to the Aurora Presbyterian Church for letting us use their sanctuary for Jane’s talk, Roberta Hutton and Ann Keddie for providing the goodies for the reception and also to Steve and Retta Braun who made the Keil house available to so many people.
Next year Jane will not be available on the Saturday before Mothers Day, however, we have scheduled her for a book signing on November 24th when Random House releases her trilogy “Emma of Aurora” in one volume.
Additionally, Jane has booked June 7, 2014 for the next Remembering Emma day.

Serving Up Strawberries and a Good Time

by Elizabeth Corley

A little rain didn’t stop approximately 400 strawberry lovers from attending the 43rd Annual Strawberry Social. What began all those years ago as a day for descendents to gather, it now brings descendents, society members, families and friends together to enjoy some strawberry shortcake, music, and fellowship.
As with any event, volunteers are the key to its success. We want to thank the Old Time Fiddlers for providing the toe-tapping music we so enjoy, Portland General Electric volunteers for doing anything they are asked and doing it with a smile, the Little Miss Pioneer Court for clearing tables and promoting the community spirit of Aurora, the Willamette Valley Herb Society, and the many other volunteers for serving up the day’s fare, doing demonstrations, and helping with set-up and clean-up.

Stauffer-Will Farm & Aurora Village Programs Celebrate Another Successful Year

Volunteers gathered on a beautiful sunny day at the Stauffer-Will Farm to be recognized for their talents in bringing Aurora Colony history alive for Oregon 4th grade students.  The Stauffer-Will Farm saw 2,715 students, 483 parents and 112 teachers pass through its doors this season, while 768 students, 134 parents and 31 teachers attended the Aurora Village.  That’s a grand total of 4,243 who heard the Aurora Colony story.
Many thanks to everyone who made this come about; Volunteers: Phyllis Adams, Janice Becker, Barbara Bell, Samantha Bonser, Carol Burger, Cheryl Burks, Sue Clark, Bob Corley, Allen Daly, Mella Dee Fraser, Faye Frei, Steve Freid, Merra Frochen, Allysia Hammond, Bryce Hammond, Cathy Harper, Leo Hartfeil, Kim Higgins, Bob Hurst, Roberta Hutton, Elaine Ihle, Annette James, Judy Kazmar, Ann Keddie, Reg Keddie, Nancy Lee Kowalczyk, Linda Kuypers, Tanya Leder, Cheryl Nelson, Janet Newton, Roger Nuffer, Susan Peck, Audrey Pister, Jane Richardson, Lois Roby, Spud Sperb, Ginger Swift, Heidi Torian, Larry Townsend, Nancy Trivitt, Larry Turner, Bill Wettstein, Marilyn Whelan, Roger Young, and Diane Zollner, and Staff: Coral Hammond, Jessie Turner, Janus Childs, Patrick Harris, Elizabeth Corley and Allison Dittmar.