Farm Program

Hands-On Learning

The Stauffer-Will Farm (c. 1870) was an integral part of the functioning of the Aurora Colony. It provided flour, milk, cheese, vegetables and apples for the family and the community. 

Today, the farmhouse stands secure surrounded by the remaining outbuildings and barn in the shade of a 100 year old maple tree, welcoming visitors and students who come to learn about farm life in the Aurora Colony and to experience another time and way of life, with hands-on practical experience. 

Resources for Teachers

A curriculum based teacher’s notebook will help you prepare your students for this portion of their Oregon history study. A video—incidentally starring children who are descendants of the Stauffer and Will families—helps get students in the mood for their visit.  The notebook will be mailed to you once your class is scheduled for their tour.
If you have a question about the farm, ask Mrs. Stauffer

Children Enjoy Learning Historical Farm Skills

Each spring every available corner seems filled with inquisitive children.  Eyes light up as they learn some of the skills pioneer farmers took for granted. While they make candles, bake bread in a wood stove, use a cross-cut saw or spin wool, they also discover how pioneer families shared labor and helped each other. Few students will ever need to use these skills, but the perseverance and commitment it takes to complete such tasks are still relevant to the complex technology of today.

Scheduling Your Classroom’s Farm Tour

Teachers who would like their classes to participate in the Stauffer-Will school program for 4th grade students should contact the museum and have their names put on a mailing list.  Because of the popularity of this program, tours of the farm must be scheduled in the fall for the spring program.

Preserving the Stauffer-Will Farm

Through the efforts of the Aurora Colony Historical Society, its museum staff and volunteers, the generosity of the Meyer Memorial Trust, and the Stauffer and Will families, the Aurora Colony Historical Society has been able to preserve the Stauffer-Will Farm and offer this exciting program.