Music in the Aurora Colony

From 1856 to well into the 1920’s Members of the Aurora Colony Pioneer Band and their immediate descendants enriched the cultural lives of their fellow Oregonians as Oregon’s premier brass band of that era.  The band instruments and the music, much like Aurora itself, fell into obscurity in the 1930’s and much of this heritage was assumed to be lost.

An 1800’s Musical Legacy Remixed and Repackaged

As our current exhibit “Gifts to the Colony 2012” illustrates, the descendents of the original Aurora Colony founders and inhabitants generously lend or donate valuable documents and artifacts every year. One of these unique gifts has been made available to you to enjoy in your own home: the dance tunes and band music of Old Aurora Colony on cd. Listen to these sample tracks:

Aurora Quickstep—audio
Aurora Waltz—audio
Aurora Polonaise—audio

This unique recording can be a wonderful holiday present to anyone interested in Old Aurora Colony history. A large portion of the original musical manuscripts were donated by Elinor Golding, great niece of Edward Finck, Colony resident and celebrated Oregon composer of the late 1800’s. Aurora Colony Historical Society past president Gail Robinson became the musical patron, providing funding to reconstruct portions of these important works, for musicians and for recording production.
With 100% of the proceeds designated for the Museum, Gail sees this as a way to help fund ongoing historical research and scholarship at the Aurora Colony Museum for the Oregon Music Project and other valuable programs.
For just $15.00, you can share Gail’s vision and share in the generosity of both women.  Don’t miss a chance to own a musical piece of Old Aurora history not heard in 100 years. You can purchase your Old Aurora music cd at the Museum.  Give the gift of historic Aurora Colony music to your friends and family. Join Gail Robinson to preserve Aurora Colony history — right in your own back yard.