A German Sense for Flavor

As a German community the Aurora Colony was renowned for the food that it served at its popular hotel.  The food would have been similar to what was served in the separate homes.  Naturally much of the food came from the land or their animals and the people would often gather together during the appropriate seasons to harvest apples or butcher hogs.

Henry T. Finck in Food and Flavor

One of the most precious things that the colonists brought from the old country was the skill to cook a savory meal.  It was plain German cooking; but the sausages were made of honest pork and the hams had the appetizing flavor which the old-fashioned smoke house gives them, the bread was soft but baked thoroughly, the butter was fresh and fragrant and the pancakes melted in the mouth.  As for the supreme effort of Aurora cookery—noodle soup made with the boiled chicken, the mere memory of it makes my mouth water.

We also used to peel and cut up apples for drying.  Very few people know the most delicious way to eat apples.  We knew it.  Turn the wheel of the peeler round two or three times; that removes the skin.  Then, keep on turning till all the pulp has peeled off into your left hand.  Drop this into your mouth and you will know the meaning of flavor.



The German folk of the colony were very fond of spinach and it was to be found in every garden along with the turnips, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, garlic, onions, corn, potatoes, mustard, peppers and squash.

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